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We are the folks of GeoTec and we invite you to visit us!

Customers are always welcome at GeoTec Founded in 1983, our facility of 20,000 square feet features a 3,000 square foot state of the art controlled environment room. (See details below). Of equal importance is our well trained staff of loyal employees who truly work as a team. Turnover at GeoTec is very low not in small part because of the pride in what we do. After all, the thinking goes, what we do here is designed to save lives, perhaps a family member, perhaps our own.


DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT – GeoTec started as an optical design firm but the demand for our expertise led us into creating instruments and devices resulting in today’s full service provider. Design is what led us here and design is what offers us possibilities for the future as there is virtually no limit to the application of our creations. If it has not yet been designed it is only because you have not challenged us to do so. And yes, GeoTec is different because we have a different design philosophy. Share with us the concept of your device and not only will we provide the usual blueprints but deliver to you a fully functional working prototype which highlights your device in ways that 3-D virtual models and rapid prototyping cannot. Our approach is a way to share immediately with customers our vision for their device


CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT – Nothing is more important at GeoTec than our Controlled Environment Room (CER).  Some of us refer to it as “The Gem of GeoTec.” Our CER was designed and custom built to our specifications. Planning, and a lot of it, was the center point of this endeavor. Studying other layouts allowed us to create a room of maximum efficiency. Thus we had the luxury of paying attention to every detail provided by years of experience. Vital to any Controlled Environment Room is ventilation. Our system features 27 HEPA filters, driven by two ten-ton HVAC units, resulting in consistently low particle counts which ensure biological test results that satisfy the most stringent requirement.


A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT – Often I am asked what GeoTec does. The steady growth and development of my company has been aimed in one consistent direction. Built on resident expertise not readily found elsewhere, our organization is a dependable contract manufacturer and design firm that provides absolute attention to every detail. I look at GeoTec as a “right sized” organization available for consultation, design and development of instruments and devices and the processes required to manufacture them. When customers first look at GeoTec, I am proud that they see a modern, efficient, smooth running company capable of producing the devices that will bear their names within the market place. Every day when I drive into our parking lot I have the events of the day planned as much in detail as possible so the flow of thought to action is a smooth and even paced process resulting in a day of accomplishments and satisfaction. That thought is my reward as I drive away each evening.


Thomas A. Jellison, President GeoTec, Inc

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